Month of August Computer cleaning special:

  • Complete computer clean/reload
  • Files pulled and restored
  • computer physically cleaned
  • Windows updated to latest version
  • 1 Year paid subscription to McAFEE antivirus protection
  • All for 59.00 ( reg. 99.00)
  • Don't wait the first students go back at the end of July!
  • Call 791-1113 to schedule a dropoff

Aluminum ,Copper , Silver and Gold are among the metals retrieved from the smelt process

Welcome to Scotpc Services

Nothing is wasted.Components will be recycled to make new everything and anything

We also reclaim the metals from computers. Systems are dissasembled and sent to the scrap yard.

     The Porter Center   Porter Empty Return & ScotPc Systems

ScotPc specializes in repair and reuse. Our mission is to keep computers in use longer and out of the landfills.

The energy Saved  is nearly 80% of what it would take to create new raw resources.