Special Events such as outdoor concerts, wine and food  festivals or possibly fire hall fundraisers just to name a few should reserve larger numbers of Outdoor containers at least a few weeks in advance. There is no charge for the usage  but we need them back soon after the event .

PERC Event containers are issued solely through Porter Empty Return and will not be found elsewhere in the U.S./Canada

Porter Empty Return is pleased to announce our new container program. Beginning July 1st 2017 you will be able to reserve your events recycling containers FREEof charge. Heres how it works:

Bags are provided free of charge and drop off and pickup are done whenever possible.

We currently work with over 40 area businesses providing  both containers and quality services.

     The Porter Center   Porter Empty Return & ScotPc Systems

Businesses' may order containers at  no charge per arrangement. Redemption programs may be setup to encourage charitable cause or even Holiday cheer. Whatever your idea is we will work with you.


Wedding ,Graduation, and other Family events will receive a free PERC Event container personalized to mark your special occasion . The event container may be kept as a keepsake ( they make great garage  can bins)