The Porter Center   Porter Empty Return & ScotPc Systems

Modern recycling bins are not redemption bins. This mistake is more common than you might think. Although the can or bottle will be recycled ,the 5 cent deposit is lost. Eighty percent of unclaimed deposits are kept by New York State while the remaining twenty percent is kept by the distributor. Unclaimed 5 cents  collectively become millions. Our job is to collect and sort each returned container into specifics bags which are then picked up by Bics who then bills each distributer for the deposits. The job is not easy there are over one hundred beer soda and water distributors. Deciding who gets billed for a specific can or bottle can be at times vexing.

Our focus as a licensed NY state redemption center is:

Educate people of the importance of reducing our landfills by the reuse of our plastics, metals and glass.

Make people aware that the deposits they pay are their money not the States or distributors.Returning empties is a great way to teach your children the value of how nickels become dollars which can become bikes or ipads. One of our customers collected over the course of a year  the twenty five hundred needed for the down payment on a new car.

Let people know that if they don’t feel they need the money that they can donate their returns to help various groups such as the boy scouts, churches, food pantries ,….the list goes on and on.

We presently  handle accounts for over 40 groups. All receive more than normal 5 cents . Anyone can request a group account with us. Checks are cut on request. Anyone looking to donate to a group can view our list on our website www.theportercenter .com or visit us on Facebook.

Although I love shopping at  our local grocery stores, standing and waiting in line to put a can in one at a time only to have every 5th one rejected is not fun. We accept ALL New York deposits whether there from the Adirondacks, or the Bronx ,or wherever in NY . We can take bags that would taketwenty minutes to putin a machine and process in just a couple minutes.

We are employers. Machines do not get a paycheck and they do not spend money throughout the local economy. We currently employ 4 employees through the winter and will likely double that number as the we enter the better weather.

We have NO limit on the size of accepted returns. You can bring back one or ten thousand . We welcome all. You can also drop and pick up later. We have a number of regulars who drop off , hit Rite Aid , Stevensons Hardware, or even have breakfast at Kneed the Dough

Returns don’t necessarily have to be spotless. We get them from picnics parties festivals…you name it we’ve seen it all.

We designed are own Event Containers. Currently they are in schools, fire halls and are soon to be incorporated into a program with St. Mary Hospital.

We have monthly coupons available as well as a bag exchange program.